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Integrate Lighting, Thermostats and Window Coverings

Part of an Integrated home is to ensure that it is comfortable. Integrating all your thermostats (from multi-stage HVAC systems, Heat pumps, FAG, Humidifiers, in-floor heating etc.) allows you to have a comprehensive overview of your homes comfort with control at your fingertips. Control4 allows you to customize your "Rooms" for the functions that are most convenient in that area - making your system "Room" aware. Integrate this with Alexa or Google Home and the capabilities are limitless. Shades and drapes play a prominent role in the comfort of your home. For e.g. during the summer months with East or West facing floor to ceiling windows you would want to have them partially closed for certain periods of the day to help your AC cool the house.

Integrated smart homes with Shades and Thermostats can interact together to ensure optimal cooling in an example like this. Particularly in new builds this convenience is often overlooked until it's too late. With todays floor to ceiling windows you want to wire your home properly so you can integrate those shades into your smart home system.

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