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Getting started with IncidentMonitor™ is easy. We have three different approaches, depending upon your needs:

  1. Quick Start Package. Use the free process templates, add your users, resources. Define the categorization to meet your business, set the service levels and upload your logo and off you go!
  2. Reconfigure Package. Use the free process templates and edit the process flows using the graphical drag and drop Workflow Process Designer and edit the forms and portal with the Form and Portal Designer. Your custom service portal is ready  in under a day!!
  3. Start from Scratch Package. We will work with you to configure processes, forms and your portal(s) so you achieve your business processes and philosophy, 100%. This is not a lengthy implementation! IncidentMonitor™ is very easy to configure. We will get you up and running within a few days. But to start off we will need to define the processes with you. The first step in a successful implementation is to fully understand and identify the high-level requirements. The best way to capture this is through a series of workshops and requirements gathering. High level requirements are broken down into smaller units such that we can iteratively deliver smaller functional units of work to facilitate and incorporate user feedback throughout the delivery cycle. 

Implementation support

Every implementation, no matter how large or small, is led by a manager of consultancy and managed via our own service management tool. Monitor 24-7 Inc. resources are dedicated to the project for the duration of the project. The project manager is shadowed by the account manager. The account manager will be involved in progress conference calls to ensure sure we are on track. First and foremost, Monitor 24-7 ensures that the delivery of the product and its associated implementation are successful. 

We are not an organization which focusses on services as its primary revenue stream and we therefore will dedicate resources to ensure a successful implementation which meets and/or exceeds our clients’ expectations.

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Escalation procedures during implementation

A successful implementation cannot live without proper escalation procedures. We truly believe that implementing IncidentMonitor™ is easy and can be done quickly. But we also realize issues can arise. Nobody is 100% perfect. For this we manage escalation procedures through, surprise, IncidentMonitor™. Any issue can be logged in our portal which allows us to monitor and track all issues and questions and respond, assign and escalate accordingly. You will always have direct access to account management and company management as they will remain involved throughout the delivery process.

Every engineer is backed up by the team at the office and can be replaced in case of sickness or any other issue. All support is provided by Monitor 24-7 Inc., there is no third-party involvement; you will always be interacting with the vendor. Further to this when contacting us for support you will always be routed to a second level resource – it is not our policy to have first line call responders as we want our clients to resolve any issues they have as fast as possible. Our survey results and client retention are a testament to this approach.


Every tool comes with admin. Some are more difficult, some simple. IncidentMonitor™ is easy to manage. We believe our app is simple to manage. Our key focus in development is to design the various features consistent in admin with other features. But as with every tool you need to know what to do, how it works and why it is designer how it is designed. For this we offer a few different training options.

  1. User training. Though use of the application for support agents and end users is self-explanatory we know that it can be good to organize a training. This can be done by your own team as well as by our team. If we do this we organize short sessions of 1 to 2 hours for groups of users. Onsite or online. These sessions are very practical and focus on usage. We regularly do two sessions. One immediately after launch and a second one a few weeks after launch. This second session helps to listen to experience and is more to finetune configuration.
  2. Administrator training. Managing the system day to day, configuring workflows from scratch, adding new processes, designing service catalogs and forms. We offer online training as well as onsite training. Sessions can be organized for a few hours up to a few days. Dependent how far and detailed you like to go. 
  3. Online video help. Part of standard support is a wide collection of videos. Every feature we offer is explained in a video. Administrators have access to the self-help portal where these video’s can be found. 

Hand over to support

Our goal is to empower you to manage, maintain and update the IncidentMonitor™ configuration as needed. To achieve this, we will work closely with your staff during the implementation to develop real-world knowledge of the system. This will also guarantee a practical handover after implementation. Our support team and the consultants involved are available after the implementation for answering questions and assisting in changes to the configuration if needed. We will schedule a few calls and meetings to discuss post implementation requirements. 
After “go live” one of the systems engineers involved in the implementation is configured as the primary resource in the Monitor 24-7 Inc support portal (IncidentMonitor™) for 90 days to ensure that any issues that arise are dealt with and resolved immediately by someone who is familiar with the implementation.


Our distributed team allows you to enjoy around-the-clock support using our unique routing features within IncidentMonitor™ . For you to be successful we need to provide fantastic support in any phase of your installation – be it implementation, steady state, or a continuous improvement cycle. At Monitor 24-7 Inc. you are dealing directly with the software vendor. Our support staff are extremely knowledgeable based in Toronto, ON and Amsterdam, NL. We use our own tool to provide industry leading support – just ask any of our existing clients about their experience. Training videos are online and accessible through our service portal and all support staff are Systems Engineers involved in the installation and implementation of IncidentMonitor™ – they provide real-world knowledge and troubleshooting skills immediately (this is much more reliable than online forums and dispatching call centres).