IncidentMonitor™ ITIL Service Desk Software


IncidentMonitor™ Service Desk Software is designed for ANY organization (small/mid-sized to enterprise), looking for a SaaS or on-premise software solution to support the service organization. With IncidentMonitor™, companies can support their ITIL® as well as non-ITIL® processes using a SaaS or on-premise application access model.

From a straight forward call tracking HelpDesk to an enterprise scale Singe Point of Contact (SPOC) Service Desk, IncidentMonitor can fulfil all of your requirements. Included with every installation are best practice templates for 10 ITIL verified processes, a workflow designer (for Approvals, routing and if/then/else branches), a forms designer, a portal designer for custom publishing of forms and request layouts, SLA Management, Notification engine, CI/CMDB (i.e. Asset Management), ServiceDesk BI Designer, EMAIL Management, Web, Windows and Mobile clients and more...


IncidentMonitor™ Includes:

  • 10 Free ITIL processes
  • Workflow Engine for Approvals, Routing and If, Then Else decisions for process flow.
  • IT as well as Non-IT processes. 
  • Custom Forms Designer to create your own forms and Request Layouts.
  • Service Portal Designer to Design and build your service portal with built-in and Custom Widgets 
  • Integrated Change Management and Project Management Calendars
  • Notification Engine for Custom Branding and definition of customer touch points 
  • SLA Management
  • ServiceDesk BI and custom Dashboards
  • Web and Mobile UIs (responsive and adaptive)
  • Integration of CIs and CMDB
  • Integration to third party applications through JSON, XML, or scripting languages using our Data Exchange and web services
  • Integration to third party name spaces with out-of-the-box SSO support for Azure AD, O365, AD and LDAP (SAML is supported with some integration support from our services team).
  • Service Communities (think Wiki and Forums wrapped into a neat package) to capture out-of-band knowledge that would otherwise be lost
  • EMAIL Management and aggregation to ensure all information is captured on the correct request. 
  • Knolwedge Management to control the publication of your organizational knowledge with an industry tested/proven vetting process.
  • Skills based routing to ensure that the proper queues and people are routed to through their team or individual assignment.
  • Resource Management to manage schedules, availability and workload.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use toolset
  • Multi-tenant, multi-process support (e.g. a single installation of IncidentMonitor can manage several autonomous service desks) 
  • Customer driven, industry proven functionality

Features and functionality are the same between the SaaS and on-premise applications. Starting at $32/Support Personnel (yes end users are free) our price/functionality can not be beaten!

A description of some of our Features

We understand that your company's service management requirements will change. We believe that you should NOT be locked into a vendor that charges you a lot of money to implement application features to support your changing requirements. Over the years, we have added significant features to IncidentMonitor™. New features are available to our customers at no additional cost. This is just one of the many ways IncidentMonitor™ and Monitor 24-7 are unique in the service management field.

To give you an idea of some of our features they are hightlighted below. Note that we cannot highlight everything. It is simply too much! Want to know more? Request a demo or send us an email. We are happy to help.


IncidentMonitor Workflow and Process Designer

The flexible workflow engine handles approvals, logic branching, criteria branching (if/then/else), parallel and serial flows (below is an image of the PinkVerified Change Process) and requires absolutely no coding to handle complex workflows. You just drag on the workflow steps and join them together. Workflow coupled with forms designing ultimately enables IT to extend its reach and support non-IT processes such as Human Resources, Facilities Management, Student Requests, RMA - virtually any process. 

IncidentMonitor™ is a service management framework that has unlimited possibilities to extend with new processes without the need to purchase any new modules. Future development and growth of your organization is secured with this approach as there are no limitations


IncidentMonitor Customer Portal

IncidentMonitor™’s web portal is an integral part of the solution. The self-service portal is security controlled and only items that you want to publish to your users or groups of users can be made available. The self-service portal offers, for example, dashboards, knowledge base, communities for Social IT, reporting features and a Service Catalog.  The Service Portal is for both end users and support resources to collaborate. Our tag line is “Engage. Manage. Improve.” which implies engage the end user, manage their expectations and continually improve your processes. The look & feel and the features you want to publish to your self-service portal can be customized to meet any company’s requirements. 

The look & feel and the features you want to publish to your self-service portal can be customized to meet any company’s requirements. The entire look and feel is completely customizable and IncidentMonitor will support any number of portals configured (i.e. you could have seperate portals for different departments or internal employees and external clients or full-time and contract emplyees - you get the idea. What does all of this mean? You can publish your forms, your service functionality any way you like based on the intended audience.

To design a portal you say what roles are going to access it and drag the widgets onto the portal for the functionality you wish to provide. It's that easy!!


IncidentMonitor Form Designer for Service Catalog

A forms designer which allows for dynamic forms to be created by someone without HTML and coding knowledge. Below is an example of the administrator interface from someone designing a form. On the left a lot of options are available, on the right a long list of possible fields to be used on a form.

Below an example what a form might look like. As you can see that we used an image aty the top of the form and a few fields we like someone to fill out. This is a live form which is used on this marketing site!  The cool thing is that submitting the form actually creates a request in IncidentMonitor. Click on the image to load the form and ask for a demo. 


IncidentMonitor Message Designer

IncidentMonitor offers a graphical Message Template Designer that is an HTML based designer which allows you to design messages that include just about anything in addition to macro variables, Message Center variables, audio, video and all kinds of other objects using a simple drag/drop user experience. The designer allows you to format any of the content using common formatting features. Message Templates can be used across projects so you can have very few templates to run an entire system. We’ve also included a bunch of templates right out of the box.

We leverage the Message Templates in most areas of the application including Service Rules, Outbound Messaging, Inbound Messaging, Project Welcome message, Call Packs, Scheduler, Scheduled Reports, Knowledgebase (via E-mail), General Notifications etc. Meaning, you can leverage existing message templates for all communications.

ITSM Software


IncidentMonitor™ Service Matrix and SLM Service Level Management 

A Service Matrix enabling you to configure your SLAs based on your policies such that the service desk never has to choose or determine the policy. The Service Matrix is unique to IncidentMonitor™ and enables you to define multiple “service clocks” or SLAs. Below demonstrates a request that has an Acknowledgement Timer, a Callback Time and a Resolution Timer – all policy based where the Service Desk just works a request and this happens automatically.

  • Full service SLM software to manage all SLAs and OLAs. Supports management of time requirements and escalations and notifications when threshold are exceeded
  • proactive monitoring and management of all SLAs and OLAs with our service level management software
  • Fully integrated with all ITIL process software applications
  • Ships with out of box SLM metrics reports
  • Reports can be scheduled to be executed and emailed/filed
  • Multi-lingual support to allow messages to be sent based on the user's language of choice

IncidentMonitor™ Service Level Management Software provides a multi-dimension approach to the management of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Operating Level Agreements (OLAs). IncidentMonitor™ Service Level Management Software is comprised of the three functional areas:

  • Service Matrix
  • Service Level Rules
  • Service Hours

Below an example of a request in a service work list from a support agent showing the service matrix in action.

Service Catalog


IncidentMonitor Skill Based Routing

A Skills Based Routing engine which ensures that the proper person, team or queue receives requests based on the content and skill required. Below is a sample of a resource’s work queue.

Change Management Software


Single Point of Contact and Community Forum

Single Point of Contact (SPOC) support by effectively managing out-of-band communications which may result from walk-ups, chat sessions, E-mail with cc lists etc. IncidentMonitor™ facilitates the aggregation of these disparate communication channels into a Single Point of Contact service desk so your service policies, skills definitions, workflows and messaging/notification components work seamlessly regardless of the origin of the service request. For example if a user sends in a request through E-mail which has their manager cc’d on the originating E-mail. IncidentMonitor™ alleviates the need for the service desk to track this and the cc’ing occurs automatically (no more direct emails to individuals). Below is a sample screen shot of IncidentMonitor™’s integrated chat initiation.

Service Management Software

IncidentMonitor offers the ability to define Communities enabling “Social IT”. IncidentMonitor™ provides the ability to define your own “communities” which enables “communities” of users to collaborate together on issues – the ultimate in a Social IT environment. It’s all security controlled and membership based. Below is the entry point into the user’s community(ies).

Service Desk Software

Below an example of a collaboration screen.

Help Desk Software


IncidentMonitor Knowledge Management

An integrated Knowledge Base provides the ability to capture your knowledge, seamlessly. Service Desk personnel require the ability to quickly search historical information for previous resolutions as well publishing documents for the end users to better aid them in a continuous engagement thoughout the entire request lifecycle. Below is a screen shot of the resource creating a request on behalf of a contact. The upper right displays a list of topical knowledge articles, the bottom right displays active requests in the system that are similar to the content entered – great for managing major incidents and problems. The classifcation has been automatically defined based on the content in the new request.

CMDB Software

Further to this elegant integration which faciliates the service desk in creating requests IncidentMonitor™ also providse the KB capability in its own view as shown below. Think of it as a “build your own google” where you define how to group and tag your documents for searching

Customer Service Software


Asset Management - Configuration Management - CMDB

IncidentMonitor offers an Asset Repository/Configuration Management Database which tracks consumable and consuming assets (CI). This allows you to track licenses and have visibility into which machines are using which licenses. Assets/CIs can participate in topologies for a graphical view of Line of Business services, apps, hardware etc.. Assets/Cis are integrated into the application and are available to any type of request (this is configurable based on your requirements).

Below an example of the overview of assets, in this case a database server, click through up to the details of the server come up in the same screen or pull out of the screen

ITIL Software

You can tear the asset away from the screen and look at it separately. Below a topology of the asset in the network

ITSM Software


IncidentMonitor Event Management

Closely related to asset management IncidentMonitor™ also provides Event Management. An out of box approach to support the interface to any event monitoring management system. Within IncidentMonitor™ Event Management, you will configure the rules to process the event received from the monitoring system.  Event Management supports all options for complete management of the event within IncidentMonitor™, for example:

  • Notifying the appropriate individual, 
  • SLAs and OLAs defined to manage the event, 
  • Assignment of the event 
  • And workflow required to manage the event over its lifecycle. 

Event Management is tightly integrated with all ITIL processes, for example when an event is triggered from a Configuration Item (CI), such as an email service, a request can be created in Problem Management and the email service CI will automatically be attached to the problem.

Incident Management Software

Below an example a SCOM alert. Visible is the message, the request to which the event is associated as well as the asset which the alert triggered and the relationships that get affected by the event

Service Catalog

Robust integration

Simple, enterprise class, integration with third party products through our no code data exchange. Simply paint up your json or xml message and our queueing system guarantees delivery. Out-of-the box integration with Active Directory, O365 and Azure AD for single sign on. With our open connectitvity approach IncidentMonitor can simplify password management of your organization for virtually any single sign-on architecture.

An integrated single sign-on with any LDAP compliant directory service. 


Web, Mobile, Windows client

A choice of client types for the work required. IncidentMonitor™ ships with Windows, Web and Wireless (Mobile) clients. Below are screen shots of the Mobile client.The Windows client is usually used for administration purposes alone. If you run the application locally you can use that client for support as well. 

Change Management Software



IncidentMonitor is role based which allows you to control access up to field level. Reports, Service Catalog forms and even custom fields added to the system are in control based upon the role a user gets. IncidentMonitor is the only service management application in the market that has successfully gone through intensive web penetration testing by Symantec.


Multi-tenant architecture

IncidentMonitor™ is a service management framework that has unlimited possibilities to extend with new processes without the need to purchase any new modules. Future development and growth of your organization is secured with this approach as there are no limitations. IncidentMonitor’s architecture has been developed from day one to host a multi-tenant environment. Within IncidentMonitor multiple service desks with their own unique setup, workflows, contacts, support agents, etc.. can run next to each other. If you want to run multiple incident processes in the same environment - simply set up the processes and user access and it can operate like its own unique service desk.

With IncidentMonitor it is truly possible to set up a true shared service environment in a single application installation. For example if required it can easily host a separate service desk for business unit 1 and business unit 2. Secondly each organization can have its own Change Management projects/definitions with unique process flows and approvals (this ties back to the membership within the application and the role privileges of the user). These isolated processes can also be loosely coupled through IncidentMonitor’s unique collaboration capabilities at any point within the request/change lifecycle. This concept hold true for any ITIL and non-ITIL processes. To add further to this capability there may be processes where both institutions share services and this can be modeled as well. IncidentMonitor is able to adapt to any business processes and definitions and change as the business changes.

Customer Service Software

Scalability and customizability. IncidentMonitor offers a scalable solution that can run on one single server up to a complete farm of different servers. We can scale from clients that process 10,000 tickets/requests per year up to clients which process 150,000 tickets/requests per month and over 10,000 support agents. The customizability is unheard of in the market. Without any coding new workflows can be configured, web forms designed and linked together. We have clients who run multiple incident management processes next to each other with their own unique configuration for a specific department or business units. 


These key elements of a service management framework allows you to implement ANY service and business processes that extend beyond the ITIL framework. ITIL as the foundation provides the bedrock for award winning service delivery beyond IT specific processes. Any organizational/business processes can easily be configured without the need for programming skills using IncidentMonitor™’s powerful workflow designer and forms designer.