Some Of Our IncidentMonitor Solutions


One application, one application framework. There are no modules or separate applications. Each process is configured with its own unique workflow(s) and forms and utilizes the framework services to deliver Enterprise class Service Management. There are unlimited possibilities to extend your services. Some ideas are shared below. Many of these process templates are available at no additional costs.



Every Service Desk needs a flexible Service Desk Software Solution to log incoming issues, solve them according to predefined tasks and monitor and measure the resolution against a service agreement.




IncidentMonitor offers out of the box a complete ITIL suite which is PinkVERIFY for 10 ITIL processes. Each of these ITIL Processes can be adapted to your needs. There is NO additional cost involved to activate and configure these processes. IncidentMonitor offers the following ITIL processes out of the box: Service Level Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Release Management, Asset and Configuration Management, Knowledge Management, Event Management, Request Fulfilment Management and Service Catalog Management.



IncidentMonitor comes with a designer to create your customer service portal and present services to your community. With the forms designer you can create any type of form with your own unique fields and questions. The forms can be presented in the service portal or can be embedded in your own external facing website. Each unique form can kick off after submission a workflow to get processed through the organization. Workflows can easily be designed, customized and re-used via the workflow designer. Clients have set up service portals for internal and external customers. 



Supporting questions to manage your facility like issues with rooms, tables, chairs, cars, plumbing and whatever comes with managing your facility are supported with IncidentMonitor by various clients. With help from IncidentMonitor service portal they have created one single place where people can report issues, ask questions, check for availability of meeting rooms, manage assets, etc.. Forms created with the Service Catalog Designer kick of process workflows with their facility management specific tasks to make sure that the right people or teams get involved.



Issues or requests reported can lead to services that need to be approved and after approval need to be performed. Many clients have set up automated processes where work orders have been created from requests. Some digital in html format which simply are signed off by the client after the work was done on a mobile or tablet, some in printable format for a paper signature. 




Selling goods means you sometimes get products back. A wrong delivery, something can be broken or a customer has ordered the wrong product. A good return procedure is very critical to an organization. Not only to make sure that products are taken back following the right procedure, but also to make sure that customers experience this as service and not as a burden. You can easily kill your reputation with a bad return procedure. 



Continuous service improvement is key for all of our customers. Measuring the service is therefore very important. Our customers use the automated customer survey from IncidentMonitor. 





Human Resources get many questions from staff. Some are easy to answer, others need to follow a few steps before an answer can be given. For example New Starters and Leavers often require multiple people or departments to do something. Sign up for courses, request for holiday, etc.. We have customers who have set up a customer portal with IncidentMonitor presenting service catalog forms specific to support HR. Forms that automatically send tasks to different people in the organization.



Accepting complaints as part of your business model in order to learn from them can be a very valuable source for performance and business improvement. Complaints can come from both internal as external customers. Clients have designed specific Complaint Management processes with the IncidentMonitor Workflow Designer and published complaint forms to external and internal customers with help of the IncidentMonitor Form Designer. 



Sending out invoices has the consequence that people might have questions about the invoice. Invoices are usually send out by the accounting department and these people often don’t know the exact details. We have a few customers who send out a lot of small invoices and they get lots of questions. The process they designed is that they capture the questions about invoices in one central service desk. Based upon the classification IncidentMonitor will automatically find the right account team that can answer the question.



IncidentMonitor™ Knowledge Management Software provides a comprehensive, yet controllable approach to Knowledge Management. We understand that effective, integrated Knowledge Management Software which is simple to use (by both users and administrators) will provide tremendous benefit to the organization. IncidentMonitor™ Knowledge Management was developed based on these principles.




IncidentMonitor™ provides users with the ability to monitor sales inquiries throughout the sales request life cycle; the web based service portal, E-mail or even phone calls. With its Customer Relationship Management capabilities, users can manage multiple accounts simultaneously. With IncidentMonitor™, a sales environment is configured as a distinct area to be managed by the designated sales team. All customer interaction is stored within the IncidentMonitor™ request management repository to enable single click views of the entire customer's interaction history.

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