Intercom and Video Doorbell

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Intercom and Video Doorbell
Call Any Room in the House and Receive Video Doorbell Calls

With touch screens, phone access and video doorbells you have a whole home integrated intercom system. When you are out at the grocery store and FedEx is dropping something off you will receive a video call from your front door on your phone. You can speak with them and tell them to put the package in the garage as you push the button on your phone to open the garage door. When you need to call the kids for dinner just broadcast a video call to their rooms. If you are out back in the Cabana and friends arrive at the front door you can conference with them and tell them to “come around back”. If you are at the cottage and your daughter is charging her phone you can Intercom into the house and speak with her directly. That's integrated and "smart".

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