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Residential/Home Networks
Your Home Network is almost as important as electricity

At the core of any well designed home automation system is a rock solid network. At Monitor 24-7 we have PCNA certified personnel with 30+ years of experience in enterprise networking. We are able to bring all of this knowledge into the residential space to design home networks that are as reliable as large corporate networks at a fraction of the price. The home network has become as important as electricity as any parent can attest to when you hear the kids say “the WiFi sucks”. Well… we fix that!! We have design solutions for all budgets. We can implement WiFi mesh networks (for the cost conscious) up to more advanced/higher throughput multiple WIFI access point configurations which provide a reliable/seamless network with automatic device roaming; so you get the best WiFi signal throughout your property for your money - that we will guarantee!!. Note that we do not use your run of the mill networking components from Best Buy – these are industrial strength components designed to build “kick butt networks that will never suck” with remote control capability - empowering you to fix common issues that arise so you don’t have to run downstairs to reboot the Bell or Rogers modem. Simply do it from your phone - if the automatic healing hasn’t fixed it for you already. It’s trouble free networks that just work!

We are a leading provider of Control4 Smart Homes for the GTA - Toronto, Etobicoke, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Vaughan, Pickering.

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