Whole Home Audio

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Whole Home Audio
Any Source, Any Room or Turn it onto a Party (You'll wish you were a teenager again)

We’re spending a lot more time in and around our homes these days. Integrated Multi-Room Audio allows you and your family to enjoy music wherever you are on your property from quiet listening in the living room while reading a book to an outdoor party in the backyard.

Stream all of your audio sources - even from your phone:

  • Your phones can stream your favourite playlists through Spotify or Airplay
  • Sirius XM
  • Amazon Prime music
  • Audiophiles can choose Tidal or Deezer for lossless streamed audio
  • Your own custom library can be integrated

These are just a few examples of sources that are available. When integrated into a multi-room audio you can be private in one room or turn it into a party with sequenced audio in multiple rooms simultaneously.

Wouldn’t it be nice that in the morning when the alarm turns on that your lights slowly brighten, the shades slowly go up and the volume of your favourite radio station or playlist slowly gets louder to your desired listening level. That’s easing into the day in a comfortable way – all you need to do is to make the coffee (give us some time and we can work on that too 😉 )

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