Boost Service Desk Performance by Improved Categorization

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The correct categorization of new requests is key to your service desk performance and the support you provide to your customers. Incorrectly categorized incidents will skew your metrics, throw your SLAs times off and impact the real-time performance of your service desk.

Our consultants have written a document in which they share their knowledge around the best way to define the categorization.

Defining your categorization or classification, as some call it, for the IT Service Desk looks from first impression as a very simple activity. However we see with any implementation and service desk update that this is a difficult and pretty serious task. The categorization impacts almost everthing a service desk does. From assigning requests to the right team or person to the metrics a manager is interested in.

The trap many organization fall in is when they extend the categorization. Regularly we see configurations where multiple categories look pretty much the same. The people who came up with the configuration usually know what the difference is. But as soon new people come on board and people leave the problems start and similar requests starts getting logged in multiple classifications.

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If you are interested in our experience and want to know more about our approach at various clients, than you should download our white paper. This will help you!

This white paper:

  • gives you a process to define a categorization that works for your organization
  • helps you to improve the performance of the service desk
  • makes sure the process takes the SLA, scope and actual action into account

Applying tips in this white paper will result in:

  1. A service desk team that quickly makes the right decisions so that incoming requests will flow immediately to the right person or team.
  2. Clear and accurate Service Desk metrics
  3. An easier tool to work with

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