The Power Of Collaborative Chat From A Service Desk

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Communication is a vital aspect of any organization that’s looking to improve it's service management delivery. Communication can take place internally, between teams, management, employees. It can even take place externally between the company and its clients. Both forms of communication are crucial for any organization to remain competitive in this environment. This is why, more than ever, that having a cohesive service management strategy integrating real-time chat for your service desk is paramount - all in-band and out-of-band communication need to be consolidated to deliver what your clients expect.

When handling live projects, support, sales, customer inquiries, and other business aspects, traditional interactions like emails and phone calls will not suffice. You need a service management tool that enables quick and direct interactions. it must enable the Service Desk to consistently and reliably interact with all parties involved. 

To help you with this, Monitor 24-7 inc. is happy to provide you with a collaborative chat service available through its Service Management tool IncidentMonitorIncidentMonitor offers an integrated service desk solution to chat directly with end-users and colleagues. That means direct contact can be initiated with end-users, and other resources can be immediately consulted from a service desk ticket for assistance or meetings.

Who can benefit from the IncidentMonitor?

Any company providing an online service to their clients or delivering online support can avail of IncidentMonitor. Similarly, companies with staff in multiple locations or departments who interactively like or need to work on open service tickets from clients can benefit from this smart software.

The IncidentMonitor application is a fully integrated IT service management (ITSM) solution. It’s effortless to set up and use as there’s no coding required. Every chat has the option to add attachments for more insights. All of the chats are also recorded and saved as a ticket, which allows you to run reports, monitor chats on the dashboard, and quickly pull in other resources.

In case of challenges when using IncidentMonitor, there are different help files available offering online video help as well. You can also reach out to our team for more information or assistance with our service management software.

As the chat feature is built into the IncidentMonitor service desk system, there is no additional cost to activate it. All we need to do is turn it on for you if you are an existing client. In addition to this chat option, we have several other features to improve your business and even your operations.

If you’re considering other chat applications, understand that these external chat tools need to be integrated into your service desk. That is if you want to make sure all services to clients are centralized and documentation is stored centrally. In some cases, this can prove to be problematic or impossible. As a result, it is best to strive for an online chat application that helps you keep track of your communication for smoother processes.

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