Service Management Is More Than Just IT

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While service management tools like IncidentMonitor are typically used for IT support, they aren’t limited to this area of business. At Monitor 24-7 inc., we have seen an increasing number of clients use our solution to help other departments and make use of its features to manage, control, and report on incoming questions. Any department that deals with incoming questions from customers (both internal and external) needs to answer these questions in a timely fashion. And, to ensure quick responses, one can use a service management tool!

For example, we see that many of our clients use IncidentMonitor to manage incoming complaints that are usually not IT related. Answering complaints and publishing tools to the end-user community to easily log complaints will significantly benefit the reputation of an organization selling a product or service.

With the IncidentMonitor service management software:
1. You receive a solution to publish complaint forms online embedded in any website, or publish a closed customer service portal.

2. You can design workflows to manage the incoming complaints through the proper channels.

3. You can configure service levels to make sure complaints are answered within a timely fashion.

4. You can run the application in-house or in the cloud.

Alternative solutions include complaint management tools. However, these are not as dynamic, which means their services are limited. IncidentMonitor, on the other hand, offers an array of solutions to help you optimize your efficiency when communicating with clients, and it’s available at the starting price of only $32 per month per service agent.

To test out the IncidentMonitor service management framework, give us a call at 1-(866) 364-2757, and we’ll schedule a demo of our system with you!

At Monitor 24-7 inc., we specialize in creating technical solutions that increase customer service and improve business efficiency. We offer the best value in service management to users in the US, Canada, the UK, and the rest of Europe. Our mission is to provide a solution that help businesses stay organized without the need to invest in new modules continuously. With IncidentMonitor, your integration, workflow, service portal, and form designer options are virtually limitless.

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