Service Desk Forum: Self Service Empowered By Your Community

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When using any form of technology, it’s essential to have solutions and support readily available so that you can use it with ease. To integrate convenient solutions and support into our service desk software and empower our clients through their community, Monitor 24-7 inc. has introduced a self-service forum. Through this portal, you can stay in close contact with your community, proactively monitor your organization’s heartbeat, get super users involved, and downsize the pressure on your service desk as the users will help each other first or seek for help in the community.

Our IncidentMonitor Service Management Software offers a powerful toolbox of self-service solutions from a knowledge base, to automated self-service, and a user-driven self-service portal with a powerful forum. It provides self-help solutions that go beyond the knowledge base alone. At the same time, it creates a more interactive community and integrates your service desk staff with the software users.

Who will benefit from the service desk forum?

Anyone in your organization can ask and answer questions on the service desk forum. You can even appoint super users to moderate specific topics. This will work best if they know more about specific software tools compared to other users. Using the forum will also allow your organization to prepare for significant changes like software updates by posting a series of topics even before the change happens. On the forum, you can have a team moderate incoming questions closely after the change so you can proactively act if many issues around the same topic suddenly come up.

Our aim behind the service desk forum is to help you clear doubts and solve problems faster than people logging issues in the service desk itself. Similarly, as the forum is 100% integrated to any other process in the service desk solution, we can quickly escalate, link forum topics to incidents, problems, and changes, then report accordingly. The service desk dashboard even shows the live status of the system for added convenience.

The service desk forum is an integrated solution that can be set up according to your organization’s requirements. It is very flexible and dynamic. Moreover, it is a FREE add-on to the core system, and as with all functionality within IncidentMonitor, every client can use it. Any new forum features will be a part of the upgrade, so you don’t have to worry about losing out in the future.

To make the most of the service desk forum, there are videos available in the help area of the support portal that covers the steps on how to set up a forum. However, if you face any difficulties, as with all the other functions of the service desk, you can ask our support team for help. We can go online with you, show you how the forum works, and get you up and running in no time.

The forum feature is already in your system. You just need to activate it. If it is not available, simply request an upgrade. All our clients get free access to new versions. In case you need help, reach out to us at 1-(866) 364-2757 (for clients in the US and Canada) or +31 (23) 204-4264 (for clients in Europe).

If you’re looking for an alternative to our self-service forum, there are different tools out there that can help you set up your own forum. Some of these are free and easy to use, but the downside is that they will not be integrated into your service desk. With the forum included in IncidentMonitor, you empower your user community and make your service desk life easier.

For more information on our service desk software, reach out to Monitor 24-7 inc. We offer the best service management software in Canada, the USA, and the Netherlands. Our advanced and flexible IT service management (ITSM) solution – IncidentMonitor, offers you pride of ownership, agile development, and rock-solid business stability, translating into smooth, hassle-free relationships with customers. In a market that can be over-complicated, we offer solutions that simplify your service desk challenges and help you breathe easy. 

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